Common Sense Mental Health: Where Is The Mind?

So, where is the mind?  We have opened up the heads of countless people and looked inside countless brains.  Has anyone ever seen a thought or an imagination or an emotion?  No.  So, where do these things or, at least, some of these things occur; where is the mind?  Well, there are only two possible answers:

  1. We don’t have a clue.
  2. The mind exists, in some sense, known or unknown, in another dimension.

The answer is obvious.

“Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project” Breakthroughs

UPAX‘s HSP team (the team behind Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project) has made several breakthroughs in the field of neuropsychigendralapathology (the science of the relationships between the brain, the mind, gender, and mental disease).  We will be providing detailed information when we have the time.

Gendrome Spectrum

Gender derangement syndrome occurs in a variety of forms, though all forms of GDS fit the definition of GDS provided at “What Is Gender Derangement Syndrome?”  The forms of GDS make up a spectrum that ranges from weak to strong.  At one end we have Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres.  At the other end we have LGBTQ rapists.  Though the severity of the illness varies, make no mistake, it is still an illness and it has devastating consequences.


Lesbians, Gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers suffer from GDS (Gender Derangement Syndrome). People afflicted with GDS suffer from various delusions regarding their sexual identity, abnormally long periods of depression, and sociopathy usually manifested as inability to care about other people. They are ten times more likely to commit suicide than mentally healthy people and die around twenty years earlier than mentally healthy people.

Transgender Mother Has Son Castrated

A San Francisco transgender mother heard her little, six-year-old boy say, “I am a girl. I’m making fun, Mommy.” The mother seized on the words “I am a girl” and prepared to take her little boy to have his privates removed. When the little boy found out what was going to be done to him, he, weeping so loud he could be heard a block away, cried out, “Mommy, please don’t make me a girl!”

The sex change doctor the woman had hired, who was getting paid over two hundred thousand dollars, took the little boy into surgery and removed his privates. When the little boy awoke from the surgery and saw that he was (his words) “put in the fire,” he said, “What have you done to me, Mommy? I still love you, Mommy.” Immediately, the little boy entered a psychotic state, ceasing to recognize the people around him, including his mother. Within an hour, he fell into a coma. The next day he died.

Insane parents and insane, money-mongering sex change doctors are driving children mad and murdering them. Support Mary’s Law to stop these demons in human flesh.

One Hundred More Proofs That LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill

In addition to the dozen proofs that LGBTQs are mentally ill that we have provided so far, there are one hundred additional proofs, one thousand AI proofs, and other proofs.  The one hundred proofs fall into five categories:

Alpha Proofs

Alpha proofs relate to chemistry and biochemistry.

Beta Proofs

Beta proofs relate to brain structure.

Gamma Proofs

Gamma proofs relate to social and sociological factors.

Delta Proofs

Delta proofs relate to neurological conditions and states.

Epsilon Proofs

Epsilon proofs relate to birth defects and other congenital matters.


AI proofs are proofs uncovered by our AI Supercomputer Collosus.


We will disclose and explain our other proofs at the appropriate time.