Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Discouraged by current exercise recommendations? New Beaumont research shows significant cardiac benefit with less exercise

Newswise imageMiddle-aged and older women who exercise moderately to vigorously, three times a week for at least 30 minutes, were able to significantly reduce cardiac risk factors in just six months.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: California Man’s Research Leads Him to Beaumont’s Proton Therapy Center in Michigan

Newswise imageThe results of his MRI shocked Tracy Clifford, 58. The images showed a baseball-sized tumor on the base of his spine. Back then, he was unaware of the 2,400 mile journey he’d be undertaking – traveling to Beaumont Health in Michigan to seek leading-edge proton therapy for his tumor. Tracy hadn’t heard of Beaumont’s Proton Therapy Center, Dr. Kabolizadeh, his research or their team of cancer experts. That was all about to change.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: 50-Year-Old Woman Thrives in Exercise Boot Camp, Refuses to Let Pacemaker Hold Her Back

Newswise imageJulie Work always ate healthy and exercised regularly. Then, she passed out behind the wheel, went to a cardiologist and learned she needed a pacemaker. After recovery, she signed up for exercise boot camp and pushed herself to the limit. She needed to two pacemaker adjustments to keep up with her intense exercise regime.