Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: University of Pittsburgh Announces New Director of the Center for Vaccine Research

Newswise imageA distinguished molecular virologist will lead the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Vaccine Research, which focuses on the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for infectious diseases that pose risks to global public health.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Multiple Types of Delirium in the ICU Indicate High Risk for Long-Term Cognitive Decline, Study Finds

Critically ill patients who experience long periods of hypoxic, septic or sedative-associated delirium, or a combination of the three, during an intensive care unit (ICU) stay are more likely to have long-term cognitive impairment one year after discharge from the hospital, according to a new study.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Video Game Improves Doctors’ Recognition and Triage of Severe Trauma Patients

Newswise imagePlaying an adventure video game featuring a fictitious, young emergency physician treating severe trauma patients was better than text-based learning at priming real doctors to quickly recognize the patients who needed higher levels of care, according to a new trial. The game tackles the annual problem of 30,000 preventable deaths occurring after injury, in part because severely injured patients aren’t promptly transferred to trauma centers.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: E-Cig Use Increases Risk of Beginning Tobacco Cigarette Use in Young Adults

Young adults who use electronic cigarettes are more than four times as likely to begin smoking tobacco cigarettes within 18 months as their peers who do not vape, according to new University of Pittsburgh research. The findings demonstrate that e-cigarettes are serving as a gateway to traditional smoking, contrary to their purported value as a smoking cessation tool. The study is the first nationally representative survey that followed for more than a year people 18 to 30 years old who were init…

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Stroke Study Expands Window of Clot Removal Treatment for Some Patients

A procedure to remove clots from blocked brain vessels – known as thrombectomy – may be beneficial for some stroke patients even if they come in to the emergency room beyond the 6-hour treatment window that current guidelines endorse, according to a groundbreaking study conducted by an international team of physicians and researchers.

Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Computer Program Helps Doctors Detect Acute Kidney Injury Earlier to Save Lives

Embedding a decision support tool in the hospital electronic health record increases detection of acute kidney injury, reducing its severity and improving survival. The results address one of the most costly and deadly conditions affecting hospitalized patients, providing evidence that computers analyzing changes in renal function can alert doctors of acute kidney injury before the condition is obvious clinically.

Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Flu Vaccine Used in Elderly May Benefit Middle-Aged Adults with Chronic Conditions

Expanding the high-dose influenza vaccine recommendation to include middle-aged adults with chronic health conditions may make economic sense and save lives. The findings may justify for clinical trials of the high-dose and new recombinant trivalent influenza vaccines in 50- to 64-year-old adults with chronic illnesses, such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, or cancer, to determine if they do provide considerably better protection than the currently recommended standard dose quadrivalent vacci…