Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Northwestern Memorial Hospital joins elite group of hospitals to sign relationship-building agreement with the United Arab Emirates

Newswise imageNorthwestern Memorial Hospital has been selected as a preferred provider of exceptional medical care for patients from the United Arab Emirates (UAE.) Northwestern Medicine joins a select network of leading US hospitals, including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Cleveland Clinic, that will provide specialized care to citizens of the UAE.

Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Proton Therapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer is Advantageous to IMRT According to New Study

Proton therapy treatment for prostate cancer is associated with higher survival rates and decreased risk of complications compared to intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) according to a new study by researchers at the Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center.

Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: New Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause Opens at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Newswise imageNorthwestern Medicine has launched a first of its kind center dedicated to providing comprehensive care to women for two often unmet areas of women’s healthcare – sexual health and menopause. The Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause at Northwestern Memorial Hospital brings together a multidisciplinary team of physicians, advanced practice nurses (APN), certified sex therapists and pelvic floor physical therapists to provide highly specialized and personalized care for each patient. In additi…