Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Jaguars & Well-Managed Logging Concessions Can Coexist, Say Conservationists

Newswise imageLogging activities in biodiverse forests can have a huge negative impact on wildlife, particularly large species such as big cats, but a new study proves that the Western Hemisphere’s largest cat species–the jaguar (Panthera onca)–can do well in logging concessions that are properly managed, according to conservationists from the San Diego Zoo Global and the Bronx Zoo-based WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society).

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: New Sustainable Shark Trade Bill is Supported by Both Conservationists and Fishing Industry

Newswise imageWCS supports a new bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. Congress that encourages a science-based approach to fisheries conservation and management to significantly reduce the overfishing and unsustainable trade of sharks, rays, and skates around the world and prevent shark finning.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Study Predicts Unique Animals and Plants of Africa’s Albertine Rift Will be Threatened by Climate Change

Newswise imageA new study by scientists from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and other groups predicts that the effects of climate change will severely impact the Albertine Rift, one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions and a place not normally associated with global warming.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Successful Anti-Poaching Operation Leads to 5-Year Conviction for Three Poachers in Republic of Congo

Newswise imageThree poachers responsible for slaughtering eleven elephants in and around Nouabale-Ndoki National Park in January were convicted to five years’ imprisonment by the local district court last week, according to WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society). The poachers, who had ventured deep into the remote Ndoki forest and spent three weeks killing elephants for their ivory, walked into an ambush setup by park rangers as they exited the forest on February 2nd. Three of the six poachers were apprehended.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Action Plan Released to Conserve One of Africa’s Richest Sites for Biodiversity

Newswise imageA team of scientists led by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) has developed a conservation blueprint to protect one of the most biodiverse regions in Africa: the Albertine Rift, home to mountain and Grauer’s gorillas, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, elephants, and 162 vertebrate, and 350 plant species unique to this region.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Three Critically Endangered Red-headed Vulture Nests Discovered In Cambodia’s Chhep Wildlife Sanctuary

Newswise imageThree nests of the Critically Endangered Red-headed vulture were found in January in Chhep Wildlife Sanctuary by conservationists from the Ministry of Environment (MoE), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and local communities. The population of this species in Cambodia is possibly less than 50 individuals. These nest discoveries give hope that conservation efforts may save this species from extinction.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: WCS Conservationists and Partners Honored with Sanctuary Wildlife Awards

Newswise imageConservationists and partners with the Bengaluru-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) -India received multiple awards at the Sanctuary Wildlife Awards event held in Mumbai yesterday. The awardees included Mr. Jayachandran S, Mr. Shashank Dalvi, Mr. Nikit Surve and Ms. Vaishali Rawat.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Three Rare Black-Necked Storks Hatch in Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary

Newswise imageThe Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Ministry of Environment (MoE) announced today that after five weeks of active nest protection by community members, three Black-necked stork chicks have hatched in Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary (KPWS) in the Northern Plains of Cambodia, giving hope to the future conservation of this rare species in the country.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Study Pinpoints Arctic Shorebird Decline

Newswise imageA new study co-authored by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) addresses concerns over the many Arctic shorebird populations in precipitous decline. Evident from the study is that monitoring and protection of habitat where the birds breed, winter, and stopover is critical to their survival and to that of a global migration spectacle.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: ROYAL SEND-OFF

Newswise imageThe Royal Government of Cambodia’s Fisheries Administration (FiA), WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) announced today the release of 25 Royal Turtles into their natural habitat in the Sre Ambel river system–the only place in Cambodia where this species is found.

Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Critically Endangered Sumatran Tigers On Path To Recovery in ‘In Danger’ UNESCO World Heritage Site

Newswise imageA new scientific publication from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Authority looks at the effectiveness of the park’s protection zone and finds that the density of Sumatran tigers has increased despite the continued threat of living in an ‘In Danger’ World Heritage Site.