Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Enhancing the Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy Using a Novel Treatment Combination

A combination of a novel inhibitor of the protein CK2 (Casein kinase 2) and an immune checkpoint inhibitor has dramatically greater antitumor activity than either inhibitor alone, according to research from The Wistar Institute that was published online in Cancer Research.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Wistar and YourEncore Unite to Advance Life Sciences Opportunities

Newswise imageWistar and YourEncore, Inc., a life sciences and consumer goods consulting company engaging highly experienced, top talent industry experts, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help accelerate the advancement of Wistar’s early-stage discoveries, start-ups and international collaborations.

Substratum of Proof LGBTQs Are Mentally Ill: Scientists Identified a Cellular Network That “Short Circuits” the Antitumor Effect of Novel Immunotherapy

Wistar researchers discovered a novel form of crosstalk among tumor cells and other cell types in the tumor microenvironment, elucidating the mechanism of action of an immunotherapeutic strategy that inhibits tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) and instructing a more effective use of this therapeutic approach. This work was published online in Cancer Cell.