Triple combination cancer immunotherapy improves outcomes in preclinical melanoma model

In adoptive cell transfer immunotherapy, T cells able to recognize a tumor are harvested, expanded in the laboratory, and then reintroduced to attack the tumor. However, they often do not persist long enough to finish the job. A triple combination regimen of adoptive T cell transfer, a PIM kinase inhibitor, and a PD1 inhibitor improved T cell persistence and tumor control in a mouse model of melanoma, report investigators.

Cesarean-born mice show altered patterns of brain development, study finds

Cesarean-born mice show altered patterns of cell death across the brain, exhibiting greater nerve cell death than vaginally delivered mice in at least one brain area, a finding that suggests birth mode may have acute effects on human neurodevelopment that may lead to long-lasting changes in the brain and behavior.

Anxiety, depression, other mental distress may increase heart attack, stroke risk in adults over 45

(American Heart Association) Anxiety, depression and other mental distress was associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke among adults ages 45 or older, even after factoring for lifestyle behaviors and disease history. The associations were slightly stronger for stroke among women than men.

Can London Become a People-Centric Smart City?

In his speech at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, London Mayor Sadiq Khan cautioned the world about the perils of the ongoing tech revolution: Social media has helped proliferate fake news, popularized online hate speech, and created ideological silos. Tech companies seeking to disrupt the status quo have had negative, unintended consequences, he said.

“There’s been a dereliction of duty on the part of politicians and policymakers to ensure that the rapid growth in technology is utiliz…

National Comprehensive Cancer Network(r) (NCCN(r)) Engages Envision Pharma Group to Support their Oncology Research Program using iEnvision – A New Web-based Software Platform for Medical Programs

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network(r) (NCCN(r)) Oncology Research Program (ORP) announces the selection and implementation of the iEnvision medical affairs platform developed by Envision Technology Solutions.

CityLab Daily: L.A.’s Pre-High Line Moment

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Take me to the river: Los Angeles plans to turn a former industrial site back into riverbanks, reconnecting the city to its eponymous river. But as the city begins to redevelop the land, it’s also grappling with how to manage fears of “green gentrification”—where park revitalization has become synonymous with the increased property values, higher rents, and displacement. As Jon Christensen writes for CityLab, in partnership with KCET, “Los Angeles is in its pre-High Line mom…

Robotic fish can ‘see’ and mimic live fish

Researchers tapped advances in real-time tracking software and robotics to design and test the first closed-loop control system featuring a bioinspired robotic replica interacting in three dimensions with live zebrafish. The system allows the robotic replica to both ‘see’ and mimic the behavior of live zebrafish in real time. Robots previously have been deployed alongside live animals to better understand animal behavior but the encounters were unidirectional.